Make gimbal motion SMOOTH – Mavic Pro SOFT Gimbal Settings

The secret behind great looking footage is to make the gimbal motion smooth and avoid rapid movements. Today I will show you the best gimbal settings DJI Mavic for controlling the tilt of your gimbal to generate that cinematic look and feel with soft gimbal settings.


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The gimbal tilt is a great way to set the scene in your drone footage where you can use this motion to an unveiling scene or the opposite way around. Key to making this look good is to smoothen out the motion of the gimbal by reducing the speed and manipulate the start and stop of the movement so it starts and stops soft.

DJI has provided some easy options to do this in the DJI GO4 App. You need to go under 3 dots in the corner and then under the Gimbal point where you select advanced. in this menu, you should see 4 options.

Gimbal menu

  • Gimbal Pitch Speed
  • Gimbal Tilt Limit
  • Gimbal Start/Stop Buffer
  • Gimbal Pan Synchronized Follow

I will explain the settings and how the link with the wheel that controls the tilt of the gimbal.

With Gimbal Pitch Speed you set the speed of the gimbal. Higher value means faster tilt and a lower value means slower. The default speed is too fast and I would recommend to set it around 10 or 15. The speed will then be at the right level to produce a great look to your footage.

We want to disable the Gimbal Tilt Limit as we tilting the gimbal above the horizon might reveal the propellers in the shoot. We don’t want that. I can see how this can be helpful with low flying shots, but if the propellers are in the picture the footage is useless in my opinion.

Gimbal start/stop buffer sets how soft the gimbal starts and stops. Default the gimbal stops very fast when stop moving the wheel. If we set the value higher you can see the gimbal movement smoothens out. We want to keep this value high and I will recommend a value of 20. With a value of 20, the gimbal stop smoothly when you move your fingers from the wheel

Gimbal Pan Synchronized Follow, we will keep that option for now as this is not linked to the tilt motion.

The procedure is pretty simple and straightforward and now you should be able to go and test it out your self with soft gimbal motion to create Mavic cinematic footage



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