Steampunk DIY Projects: Electric Unicycle

Sometimes you come across something that is just destined to be shown to the world. Imagine plain boring electric unicycle with some really extreme modification for one of these Steampunk DIY Projects. This electric unicycle DIY modification looks medieval and futuristic at the same time. Let me introduce you to the SteamPunk Electric Unicycle where vintage meets modernism in this Steampunk DIY Project.



Welcome to this series of featured guests on Drones & Electric Unicycles. If you don’t know us all already, we are uploading drone and ewheel material weekly to help you get the best out of your equipment on youtube.

This week’s guest is Frederick Lum from Singapore, he is an electric unicycle enthusiast with some extraordinary skills in handcrafting, DIY and customization of anything fun using everyday items.  This SteamPunk Electric Unicycle is his 3rd and most extreme electric unicycle modification and one of many Steampunk DIY Projects.

He is currently on Facebook and Instagram. Frederick Lum has just launched his Youtube channel. If you want to watch more of his work I have included links in the description below.

F.Rickish Ideas Link to Facebook page

F.Rickish Ideas Link to YouTube channel

F.Rickish Ideas Link to Instagram —


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