Review DJI Spark – Perfect Selfie Drone?

I got my hands on a DJI Spark for the weekend. Imagine a Selfie drone you can control only by use of your hands. In this DJI Spark Review, we are going to test this selfie drone while riding electric unicycles to see if it can live up to the hype.



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So what is DJI Spark? This is the entry level drone from DJI, it has a pretty compact design if you compare it to Mavic Pro you can see how tiny it is. It has foldable propellers like we know for the big brother and it packs a 12MP camera with F2.6 aperture lens, that is stabilized with a 2 axis gimbal. It records Full HD 1080p in 30fps sec.

DJI Spark comes in 5 different colors. it has a removable battery with a flight time of 12 min that easily pops in and out. It comes with a multi-charger that will allow you to charge 3 batteries at the same time, so you have to pick up an extra as 2 is standard in the packets.

Spark has obstacle has 3D avoidance sensor in the front and downward sensors stabilize hovering. You can fly the DJI Spark with a remote, your phone or with new exciting hand gestures.

I have been a Mavic Pro owner for the last 9 months and as you know this drone packs a pretty impressive set of specs that are far superior to DJI spark, but it’s also twice the price., so for me it’s not interesting to buy the Spark as a replacement, but as compact point and shoot camera that I can easily bring along for those unexpected moments when we are out riding Electric Unicycle

Sizewise DJI spark seems on the surface to be pretty small, but because the arms don’t fold it actually take up some space. If you throw in the controller and some extra batteries, it takes almost the same space as the Mavic when folded, so this is not the reason for picking the spark over Mavic. But launching Spark from the palm of your hand and be ready to shoot within second really get me pumped. The new hand gestures, seem so cool and can’t wait to get a chance to try them out, so let’s ride and find out how well they work.

One thing that is really annoying is there no gesture for starting video recording. There is a workaround that I want to show you but this makes the whole solution less elegant. You need to connect your smartphone and start video recording, and then hand launch the drone. Video keeps recording while using the hand gesture mode. Why DJI? This sort of ruins the whole purpose for me with hand gestures and getting the machine in the air fast.

Now what have the smartphone going we can go through the Intelligent flight modes that will take your experience even further. There are 4 modes available and you can activate them through the DJI Go app. This, of course, requires a little more planning compared to the hand gestures. These are the Spark QuickShot modes available:

Rocket: Ascend with the camera pointing downward.
Dronie: Fly backward and upward, with the camera locked on your subject.
Circle: Circle around your target.
Helix: Fly upward, spiraling around your subject.

You can do a lot with your smartphone, you have all the usual cool stuff we know from DJI, with auto takeoff and return to home. As well your battery status, flight mode, number of satellites and of course your camera feed. So no complaints here.

If you want to fly it like a Mavic you need the remote. This looks more or less like the Mavic remote but without the LCD screen. using to remote only makes sense if you want or pack light, or don’t want to spend the money on both drones as everything Spark does here Mavic is better, as it should be at twice the price.

What the video to find out what I think about the DJI Spark 😉

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In this DJI Spark Review, we are going to test this selfie drone while riding electric unicycles to see if it can live up to the hype.



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