How I reached 1K subs on YouTube

I’m an active member of some smaller youtube communities where we share ideas and thoughts about growing our channels. I often read a lot of comments about small channels not growing.

I’m a small YouTuber myself and seem to have cracked that part at least for now. I have gained more than 1000 subscribers since January 2017 with weekly postings. You might think this happens overnight, but the reality is for most it requires a consistent dedicated and structured approach to making it happen. I want to share what worked for me.

Here is my top 10 (not prioritized):

1. Focus on what your channel is about (don’t be all over the place, if you talk to everybody you talk to nobody) Adjust your content to be unique and produce content for your audience and not to your audience.

2. All the essential stuff: catchy title, good description, thumbnails, optimized tags

3. Find your tribe outside youtube, FB groups, and forums as they are genuinely interested in your topic and will drive views. Promote but do not spam and use these groups for research on future topics for videos.

4. Drive views instead of subscribers (subscribers will come, but you need views to get them and convert them)

5. Script your video, so you make sure it has a proper catchy intro, middle section, and outro (where you promote your other stuff in context)

6. Ask your audience to like, subscribe and comment. But not all at once, as they will end up doing none of it.

7. Encourage your community with questions about the video, and engaged community is more likely to share your stuff

8. Make sure to follow growth guru’s like Roberto Blake, Derral Eves, Nick Nimmin for a lot of good advice.

9. Be consistent and post regularly. Yes, it’s hard work but it will pay off. At least you should try it on a 3 month period and evaluate the outcome.

10. Make a release plan for each video to make sure you remember everything. I do not need to be complicated you a list of things you need to do. Trust me it really helps to make the process less stressful. (you can make a template you can reuse)

Not sure if this will work for your projects, but I found these things very helpful and got me to 1000k.

About me:

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My goal is to hit 5000 subscribers in 2017 and I’m getting there ;-).

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