Ninebot One Z – Game of Thrones

Ninebot One Z – One to rule them all 🙂 I’m pretty pumped to share this with you. Through different sources, I picked up rumors that Ninebot, the current owner of Segway are about to release a new Electric Unicycle.



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When I first started riding Electric Unicycle I quickly fell in love with the Ninebot One, as this was truly a good looking machine, with a very futuristic design. I bought the model E and a lot of fun with that. I sold it because I needed more speed and range.

There have been a few attempts to innovate from Ninebot over the past years, but none of them really appealing to the hardcore electric unicycle audience. The traditional Ninebot One design seems a bit outdated as the years have gone by.

That is about to change with the Ninebot One Model Z, that seems to have taken the best from the other major brand and made their own twist to make it stand out.

The model z is rumored to be crafted in caves below Gotham city with it’s highly Batman inspired design. You can see this on some of the photos leaked from Chinese sources. Model Z seems to be an 18” wheel, with a fat tire that will make it ideal for off road riding.

I really like the look, it looks as it something from the future. The pedal height does not seem particularly high so it will be interesting what problems that cause riding off road in conjunction with the fat tire. Further, there seems to be an integrated mudguard on the back, that could turn out pretty useful riding in wet conditions.

Model Z will come in 3 different models Z6, Z8 and Z10 and these are the specs I have been able to pick up so far.


Wheel size: 18 inch
Max Speed: 35km
Motor: 1200w
Battery: 574wh
Range: 40-55km
Max Load: 150kg
Max incline: 20 degrees
PRICE: 4999 YUAN/RMB in China.
Around 750 USD


Wheel size: 18 inch
Max Speed: 40km
Motor: 1500w
Battery: 862wh
Range: 60-80km
Max Load: 150kg
Max incline: 25 degrees
PRICE: 7999 YUAN/RMB in China.
Around 1200 USD


Wheel size: 18 inch
Max Speed: 45km
Motor: 1800w
Battery: 1000wh
Range: 80-100km
Max Load: 150kg
Max incline: 25 degrees
PRICE: 9999 YUAN/RMB in China.
Around 1500 USD

I’m really happy to see that Segway has upped the game and provided with some extended range and some serious motor power. The weakest model starts a 1200W and that is a lot of power even by today’s standard.

Getting a wheel with 1800W and a maximum of 45kph should be more than enough for the most power hungry rider. I just hope they can maintain a decent torque on the wheel, as this is preferred over the higher top speed at least from my view.

The maximum battery size of 1000wh seems a bit to the low side, compared to the other 18 inch competitors. As reference with 1500W and 840wh, I’m not able to squeeze more than 40km out of my MSuper V3. So 80-100 seems pretty optimistic for me on the big model.

Price wise we are in the 750 to 1500 USD range, that seems reasonable to me, but these price tags are Chinese and could change when the wheel become available in the US or Europe

According to another source Simon Tay a well-known member of the community there should be double redundancy in a way that should reduce the chance for power cut problems. Time will tell if this is true, but it’s time for manufacturers to look into redundancy to increase overall safety for Electric Unicycles. If you don’t know Simon you can find his Youtube channel here:

Model Z has front and back light, that seems to more or less standard by competition. Ninebot has also added wheel lights to make the design even more stunning. This looks really dope and it seems the color can be adjusted.

I don’t think it will come with the handle as standard but is optional to mount. One of the leaked photos from the HongKong FB group shows the trolley handle act as a parking stands as well. It’s really a shame Segway did not find a way to integrate this into the design.
Finally, If you haven’t seen it in full, there an ADVERT video has been leaked that shows the Model Z in action. Enjoy it and let me know in the comments section what you think about the new Ninebot One Model Z from Segway?

I want to add that all of this until now is rumors, and not confirmed by Segway. For that, you need to go to the official website of Segway after they release it.

Thank you and see you on the next one.