Mavic Pro Sport Mode Test – MAX Speed

Mavic Pro Sport Mode Test and Tutorial. During our previous speed test, we found the limitation of Active Track. In this tutorial, I will show you how to enable sport mode and test how fast Mavic will fly.



In case you missed our Active Track Speed Test

DJI claims that it should be possible to reach 40 mph in Sport Mode equal to 65 kph or 18 m/s. Let’s find out if that is true?

What you need to be aware off

Before we are heading on to speed testing let me show you how to enable sport mode and what you need to be aware of.

  • You want to make sure your battery has plenty of power
  • Multiple flight modes need to be enabled in the DJI GO APP
  • You push the switch on the right side of the remote to sport
  • Mavic is in sport mode when it says Sport in the top of the DJI GO APP
  • Mavic is sport mode is fast so make sure you have plenty of space when you test it out. Very important you need to be aware that obstacle avoidance is not enabled in this flight mode. Flying close to the ground or sea level is also not recommended, as the Mavic will drop altitude if you accelerate too fast.

Test Location

I made the speed test on a closed military air base with plenty of space in a wide 3km runway. The runway has markings for every 300m, this is the distance selected for the speed test in Sport Mode. Footage from Standard mode has been included as well for comparison and to get a feeling for the speed.

It was pretty windy during the test with the wind direction parallel to the runway, so I repeated the test in both directions. Let find out how fast this baby goes downwind. Seems 18 m/s is a good bet on the maximum downwind. This equals 65 kph or 40 mph. This is expected much faster than standard around 20 mph. Let repeat the distance against the wind. The top speed against the wind with 31mph is as expected lower.

Conclusion Mavic Pro Sport Mode Test

The result of the Mavic Pro Sport Mode Test is as expected Mavic struggles to reach the maximum speed in a headwind, but downwind it had no issues reaching the 40 mph as specified. Have you tried Sport mode? and how fast were you able to go? Throw a comment below in the video. Does Sport mode work for recording great looking video? Sport mode is not really good for recording video. The movements are too rapid to make good looking smooth footage. Sport mode is more fun flying or if you need to reach a remote location fast.

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Sport Mode MAX Speed Test