How To Balance Props

No matter what type of propeller you are using on your multi-rotor, it needs to be balanced to dampen vibration. You might say, why is this important if you are not using camera, but you will find that your tricopter fly much smoother when the props are balanced and it minimizes stress on the motor and tail servo. I’m using a tool from or hobbyking to do so… it a Carbon Fiber Propeller Balancer (Maglev).



This balancer works by tightening a conic screw around a axel to fix the propeller and then “hang” the setup between 2 magnets for minimal friction.




Most props will be heavier in one side than the other, making one side hit the ground.




The heavy site needs to be sanded to remove material to get the propeller into balance. Some prefer to tape the prop to add weight to the opposite site, but I find sanding the inside of the prop better as it does not come loose over time.




The propeller is balanced when it stands… it does not need to be level, but it may not move…



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