How good is Samsung S8+ footage?

I just picked up my new phone a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Let’s go out into the city and make some footage that we can look at to see how good this phone is. The footage has not been color graded and taken directly from the Samsung Galaxy S8+ camera. It recorded in 1080p in either 30 or 60 fps. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ video has been sliced, timed and spliced in DaVinci Resolve 14 and rendered in 1080p. This should give you a fair chance to evaluate the video capabilities for vlogging with Samsung Galaxy S8+.



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Say hello to my silver friend yes he is located at Helsingor harbor and keeping an eye on everything down here. So he is pretty shiny so maybe wants to borrow my sunglasses. My friends are riding over there They need two wheels to keep balance Helsingor is such a nice city, with a lot of old building, let’s drive down and see one of the churches.

I hope you enjoyed this vlog it was for sure fun to make, it’s always fun to be out riding the unicycle and also making some test footage with the Samsung Galaxy s8+. The result that would be up to YOU to judge because I haven’t seen it while recording this. Let me know in the comments field what you liked and what you didn’t like and remember to press like and subscribe. I’ll see you on the next one