First Tricopter Build

My first attempt to build a tricopter based on research through the Internet…

The total cost of the project (parts only) was around 250USD incl. 2 LiPo batteries and 9 channel RC transmitter.



Design is based on 35cm pine wood arms and construction is foldable, so it can easily be transported in a bag. Most parts incl. brushless motors are mounted with zip ties. This has 2 purposes one is to have some well defined weak point when you crash, and second to make it easy to repair in the field.




Wiring harness and RC receiver safely tugged away in the center of the tricopter. The stand off is made buy pieces of 8mm plastic hose cut to same length.




Fiber plate top adapted, just need to be fixed with screws. Notice I made the lading gear from cutting off some ΓΈ110mm drainpipe and zip tied them to the arms.




The heart of the Tricopter is the poplar KK2.0 flight controller from… This is a great starter controller with ton of videos on YouTube and a price tag around 30$… The biggest advantage of this flight controller is setup and trimming can be done on location through the buttons and LCD display. The controller came with the foam box and I decided to use that in the construction to add protection to the board and dampening to the accelerometers (used for self leveling). The setup was mounted with double adhesive tape inside and outside towards the main body. (Note I proved to be inadequate protection when I crashed on the parking lot… I have since improved the construction, you se the solution here




Yaw mechanism that can tilt the tail motor, and make the Tricopter turns around itself… There is many good construction out there and I went for a simple solution with 2 hinges inserted into each other and fixed by a screw.. There is a nice description of the basics here:




This is BOM of the project.


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