Featured YouTube Channels

We are planning a series of featured guests on our YouTube channel Drones & Electric Unicycle

There is so much great content out there that deserves attention. One way to do that is to feature it on Drones & Electric Unicycle channel. We are growing fast at the moment, so this is a great opportunity for you guys to get some exposure from a different audience.

This is how it will work:

  • Featured guests/videos will be presented on the Drones & Electric Unicycle channel
  • Featured guests/videos will be added to a Playlist on the channel (playlist will be generated after the first 4 videos)
  • Featured videos can be promoted on our social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Drones & Electric Unicycle blog.
  • Every episode will have:
    • An Intro where I present the featured guest theme (generic)
    • Mid section with 3-5 min compilation of your best content mixed with speak where you present yourself and your channel. The better the content the higher the chance you will make it on the show.
    • End screen is reserved by Drones & Electric Unicycle.
      Provided content has to be relevant to our audience, must be built around Mavic or Electric Unicycles either separately or in combination.
  • We will notify you if your content has made it to the show, and when it will be expected to go live.
  • All contribution can be sent to dronewheelers@gmail.com starting from today.

Requirements :

  • 3-5 min video in minimum 1080p in mov or mp4
  • Short person/channel introduction included in the video (look at this example https://youtu.be/6YTS-IRhVwQ).
  • Channel link and description for the YouTube description below the video
  • Provide link for music used with your footage. Make sure to own the rights to the soundtrack used in your footage, as copyright violation will make us take down the video without notice.


We are not obligated to feature content submitted.
Neither are we obligated to explain why, a specific content, has not been considered.
We can cancel or alter this show any time without notifying, so any contribution is at your own risk.