Father’s Day 2017 What To Do?

Father’s Day 2017 What To Do? This is what we did.

Today’s we’re blog is from a Father’s Day 2017 event. We are celebrating fathers day in Technical Museum Elsinore. We have our own spot at Technical Museum, where we are going to display Electric Unicycles.

This Father’s Day 2017 event that is visited by over 5,000 people, coming to see all sorts of technical gadgets. This place is a must if you visit Denmark, Elsinore and you technical interested. An ideal place to spend the day together on Father’s Day.



More info about Technical Museum or also known as Danish Museum of Science & Technology: http://tekniskmuseum.dk/english/

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We had a really fun Father’s Day 2017 where we introduced electric unicycles to a lot of fathers, sons and some mothers. We had brought five Inmotion V3PRO wheels for everybody to try out. There was a lot of activity going on during the day and it was pretty fun to see how people are trying this out and they’re really trying to gain the balance.  Because the good part is that these Inmotion V3PRO are dual wheel setup, so they are pretty easy to learn to ride.

We had a successful fathers day event after the final call.  We had a lot of great visitors is trying our electric unicycle.  We’re definitely coming back here next year





In the Vlog series, we are documenting our work promoting Electric Unicycles to the Public. We are participating with UniRiders.com and EUC Denmark in various events or simply just hanging out doing som casual wheeling.

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