DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum – This is not the Mavic Pro 2 but yesterday DJI announced an upgraded Mavic Pro version. The Mavic Pro Platinum has been rumored for a while, but now it’s a reality. I was wondering if the pushed it now to be able to announce on IFA 2017, the big European electronic fair hearing right now in Berlin.



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So what do we know how to know the difference between the traditional Mavic Pro and the Mavic Platinum. There are supposed to 4 things that set them apart as the basic airframe is the same in terms of size and weight.

Different prop design that should lower the noise with up 60%. I did think about this in the past, but who could complain about this initiative and I guess flying around people it’s an advantage. They way they obtained this is by altering the tip of the prop, with a different design that does not make as much noise a the traditional one.

More important the new prop design and prolonged the flight time to stunning 30 min. We all impressed with the original 27 min, can we squeeze an extra 3 min out of the same battery this will simply be fantastic. Another nice touch is you can use the new props on your old Mavic, and you should get some of the advantages in terms of noise reduction, but not the full extra flight time. I guess they have modified the motor controls or ESC’s as well to gain the 3 extra min.

3. They changed the color of Mavic Pro to a more platinum look, that I guess is pretty nice, but not really a deal maker for me. It’s nice but not a big deal. Rumors say there is a matching remote that this platinum, but I have not been able to find pictures of it so far.

4. Last is Is the price it seems these new benefits add’s another 100USd to the original price tag of the Mavic Pro, so the Mavic Pro Platinum comes in around 1099, and the combo is 1399.

You can use your old batteries in the new Mavic Pro Platinum, but of course, the color will not match, but really nice they kept the backward compatibility

The Mavic Pro Platinum shares the same Forward Vision System and Downward Vision System as the Mavic Pro.

I want to add that all of this until now based on rumors picked up on the internet, and it will be interesting to see the new specs in action. I know many of you had expected the Mavic Pro 2, but this is not likely to happen before the first half of 2018.

Hope you liked this short video about DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. What do you think about the new drone from DJI, leave a comment in the comment section below?

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