DIY Pumpkin Drone Build – HALLOWEEN Idea ;-)

With Halloween approaching very fast, we have decided to do something special and we got a Halloween idea. We are gonna do a Halloween Pumpkin Drone and in the case likely the first in the world. A flying Pumpkin Quadcopter with lights and scary sound.



Welcome to Drones & Electric Unicycles where we make weekly tutorials, provide tips and reviews to help you get the best out your equipment. and help you make scary Halloween items with this Halloween idea 😉



I sometimes get the question why the channel is called Drones & Electric Unicycles, when most of the drone stuff is around DJI Mavic Pro.1 Before I purchased my Mavic I was building my own stuff so I know the ropes. I was especially fascinated by Tricopters and Quads. build a lot those from scrap parts picked up around the net. This build will be using parts from one of those builds to make the Halloween Pumpkin Drone combined with a Plastic Pumpkinhead picked at a local store.

Before we get to the part where we integrate the pumpkin, lights, and sound into the Halloween Gimmick we need to make a stable quadcopter platform. To be able to build a quadcopter we need some essential parts like 4 motors, 4 props, 4 ESC (speed controllers), 1 flight controller and an RC link. On top of that, we need a battery to power the drone, and RC transmitter to control it, and a frame to strap it on. This is the basis of any quadcopter, anything else like camera and GPS is just icing on the cake, but clearly makes the flying experience better especially for new pilots
If you can complete this build, you have the basic knowledge to build your own stuff.

In case you are up for it, we will only use easily accessible parts that can be purchased either on Amazon and the local hardware store. We have found out the prices on Amazon are not competitive, so the list below is from HobbyKing instead.

Basic components for this Halloween idea

Hobbyking KK2.0 flight controller (now Hobbyking KK 2.1.5)

1350KV 28-26 Brushless motor

30A Speed Controllers (need to have UBEC to power flight controller)

3S lipo battery – 25C / 2200mAh

Battery alarm

1045 propellers (you need minimum 2 pairs)

RC Transmitter & Receiver

Connection wires (RC link to flight controller)

Double adhesive foam pads

You also need:

  • Bullet connectors
  • Wire Red/Black
  • Heat Shrink
  • XT60 Connectors (MALE)

Frame & Others for this Halloween idea

  • Pumpkinhead and lights (super lightweight)
  • Speaker with SD card (as light as possible)
  • Aluminium or wood profiles
  • MDF plate (5mm) or really thin plywood plates
  • Bolt and screws
  • Electrical binders (strips)
  • Hot glue

Watch the video to see how to assemble the Halloween Pumpkin Drone

I know this was not very nice to keep you hanging like that 😉 In the next episode I’m firing up the drone, configure the flight controller and install the sound system, and make the first test flight. Stay tuned and make sure to hit that bell notification icon below, so you get notified when it’s online.

Tool for Motor / Thrust Calculation



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