Top Drone Pullbacks – Can YOU do this?

One of the greatest drone moves is the drone pullbacks or a dronie, where you pull back and climb with the drone. Imagine the skills needed to move smoothly backward while passing one or multiple narrow passages. In this video, I will show you some mind-blowing pullbacks, performed by one of the most skilled drone pilots I know.



I saw these moves the first time on Facebook and reached out and asked if I could show his skills to you guys. And luckily he said yes. The pilot is my youtube friend Marlon from Phuket in Thailand, he is a musician by occupation and has flown Phantom 4 standard for the past 8 months. Marlon picked up drone flying in 2015 with a Syma x5c-1 where he started to practice his precision skills.

Marlon has a super cool youtube channel Drone Maneuvers, where he posts all about different challenges that he has completed. If you like this kind of skills you should go and check out his channel. I will leave a link in the description below.


Drone Maneuvers

I’m totally blown away by how skilled Marlon is. Unfortunately, he is grounded right now due to new drone regulations in Thailand, where you have to have a license to fly. This can take up to 2 months to get it, and the penalty for breaking the law is quite tough by local standards.

Hi did mention, he is preparing for another drone challenge video where he will complete a Phantom pullback a whopping 500 meters under a local bridge from the shore to the end of the port. The will likely mean without obstacle avoidance and in ATTI mode, because of poor reception. Another reason to follow Drone Maneuvers on Youtube.


Drone Maneuvers

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Sean Ozz – BEST moments from a Drone Pilot – Featured Guest

Welcome to this series of featured guests on Drones & Electric Unicycles. There is so much great drone footage out there that deserves attention. So we have decided to handpick some great drone pilots and feature some of their best work here on this channel. This week’s guest is Sean Ozz – Tattoos, Drones, FX Art, How To’s and Product Reviews.


From Sean Ozz about section

I will be bringing you LOTS of drone footage and personal reviews of different RC ariel drones/quads on the market. I’m flying all over the nation but I am based in Texas and do most of my flying in Austin and Houston. I frequent Colorado and bring my camera drone on all my road trips ready to snag video for you! This section of my channel will be growing rapidly so subscribe to stay up to date.

I am an award winning airbrush artist and will be bringing more instructional videos as well as just speed art videos where you can ask me anything about what I did or the gear I used and I will do my best to get you those answers.

In my free time, i also do special FX make up. I like show how to videos using easy to get items and mix in my airbrush skills on the projects so hopefully others can repeat the steps for their own enjoyment.

I am an international multi-award winning tattoo artist and will be showing some art here.

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