Beginner Drone Pilot Mistakes – Are YOU guilty?

With the huge success of commercial drones like DJI Mavic Pro, many new pilots have entered the hobby with little or no experience in flying drones. Unfortunately, this means a lot of crashes too. Are you guys are doomed to make one of the beginner drone pilot mistakes covered in this video. Watch along and see if you are guilty in one of these common drone pilot mistakes?



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Most crashes are related to pilot mistakes either due to failed judgment or not knowing the expected behavior or limitation of your drone. Most will say that you need to read the manual before first flight. I can only recommend that doing that, by reading the manual you have a rough idea what your drone is capable of.

But let’s be realistic many pilots are not doing this. Watch this countdown of 9 drone pilot mistakes. If you can avoid these they might help you save your precious aircraft.

Even knowing the manual, will not help you when things start to go wrong. Remember in some cases you only have a fraction of a moment to react. This makes many drone pilots panic and acts irrational that will make them crash. The best thing is to avoid putting yourself in a situation where that put you under pressure.

Countdown: Beginner drone pilot mistakes
9. CSC – Combination Stick Command.
8. Unsuited flying conditions or environment
7. Disoriented
6. Not understanding RTH – Return to Home
5. Trusting the Sensors
4. Flying Backward
3. Flying batteries too low.
2. Returning Nose in
1. Indoor flying

Thank you and I hope to have contributions to make your drone flight a little bit safer and help you prevent potential crashes with this 9 drone pilot mistakes countdown.

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— Disclaimer. —-

Not all pilots will crash their drones because of the mistakes in this video. This video does not cover all possible scenarios.
This video is primarily based on experience with Mavic Pro beginner mistakes, but would more or less apply to any other DJI product or like. Finally, the list does not cover crashes caused by electrical and mechanical errors. It’s made under the assumption you have a well-working aircraft with propellers intact etc.



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