AVOID Mavic Remote DISCHARGING with Android

Do you want to know how to prevent your Mavic Remote DISCHARGING when using a phone with a low battery? I will show you an easy solution in this DJI Mavic Pro Quick tip video.



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I often had problems with my phone discharging the Mavic Pro remote when the phone was low on battery. Many will say, why did you not charge your phone? Well, I didn’t and I guess many of you Android users have been in the same situation where you have to go fly by the end of the day and you have been abusing your phone during the day with little battery left. I have experienced to be reduced to only 1,5 battery because of that.

There are many opinions about that, and all sort of mumbo-jumbo solutions were rooting your android device is one of them? But don’t worry it’s not so complicated, you need Mavic Pro Remote, Power bank, 2x USB cables, and the Android Phone

First, you hook up the phone to the bottom USB port.
Next, you connect the power bank to the side of the remote.

In this way, you will run out of Mavic batteries long before your remote dies.

Viola, that’s it

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