3D Mapping with Pix4D – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of 3D Mapping with Pix4D. The last episode ended with a successful mission but the water tower we tried to capture was out of frame in the preview. Let dive back in and see how I fixed it.



In case you missed Part 1: https://youtu.be/u-wkMmA8KZ0

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Now let’s look at the options. The capture angle is not vertical as needed to fix the framing, but horizontally. Increasing the capture angle will only space the captured photos further apart. I would recommend to keep it low. This leaves only one option to fix an object out of the frame and that is the height.

Once uploaded you get an email from PIX4d with estimated processing time for your model, this takes around 40min. Once the model is ready, you get another email with detailed pdf report about of your model.

Them email also contains a link to the model so you can preview it in a browser. Super smooth process, nice job Pix4D

Let see how the model compares to tower by comparing it to the drone footage from the Mavic Pro

As you can see the model is far from perfect, and it will require some more practice to get it right. When flying high above your object, areas that are not visible to the camera will not be part of the model. With that said it’s pretty amazing you can do a 3D model like this from 2D images.

It’s possible to export your project and import in Pix4D Desktop version but that is only for windows. From the desktop, you have access to additional tools to improve the model and event get a height map. I like the cloud service as makes it super easy to get started as the picture are downloaded from the drone automatically and you can push them to the cloud directly from the phone.

Now you are ready to go an experiment with 3D mapping, it’s easy and fun to get started. But sure you know your options if you experience a flyaway like I did and use the information provided in this video at your own risk.

Finally, I want to mention I studied the data from the first mission when I discovered the pictures in the app preview was cropped. You can just click the image, and see in full size. Obvious when you think about it. It turned out the images was actually ok with the tower in the frame. I do recommend to look at the pictures recorded live by pressing the camera icon during the mission, this will give you a clear view of something is wrong.


3D Mapping with Pix4D - Part 2


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