Mavic Pro BEST Camera Settings for video – Walkthrough

When shooting great footage there is really no way around looking at Mavic Pro best camera settings. In this episode, I will explain the menu settings and include my recommendation for best settings.



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DJI Mavic Pro Camera Settings – BEST Style Settings

Mavic Pro best camera settings

Apart from understanding your scene-specific settings like shutter speed and ISO, selecting the right resolution, frame rate, white balance, color profile, and style is essential for archiving a great result.

The camera settings are divided into the 3 sections

The first tab

The first tab is the direct scene-specific settings like ISO and Shutter speed. Setting these right in conjunction with essential ND filters are covered in the previous episode. You will primarily be adjusting the parameters during flight with the camera set to manual mode. Auto is not recommended, as this will change your shutter speed away from the 1/60 that is needed to produce cinematic footage.

The second tab:

In the second tab, you have preflight parameters, that is normally set before take off.

Resolution: There are many opinions about the resolution. You can shoot from 4k in 24fps down to 720p in 120 fps. I have found 2.7K is the best compromise between picture detail, frame rate, compression and file size. Many like to shoot in 24fps. I prefer to 30fps when it involves movement as this seems to produce smoother footage during playback. You need to select NTSC video standard for 30fps to be available under 2.7K

Video format: You select between MOV or MP4. Mov tends to create bigger files, but this does not necessarily mean better quality. If you are working on a Mac you should select Mov and MP4 if you are a PC.

Video Standard NTSC/PAL: With PAL you only have the options to select between 24 and 25 fps at the higher resolution. If you select NTSC you can go as high as 30 fps for 2.7K and some of the 4K options. I recommend shooting some test footage for yourself and review what framerate you prefer, but I will stick with 30 fps. Note that 30fps are NTSC standard 29.97fps. This is important to know when you import the footage into your editing software. I found matching the frame rate of the drone footage with the timeline produces a less jittery result when rendered into the final footage. If you add 30fps to a 25fps timeline, the editing tool will have to skip frames to make it match.

Picture look and feel settings:

White balance: You need to select the white balance so it matches the weather. Normally for outside flying, it will switch between Sunny or Cloudy. You can set a custom color temperature if the if you prefer, but Sunny or Cloudy should be sufficient.

Style: Under this point, you can set the digital sharpness, contrast, and saturation of your footage. How you find the optimum for that requires testing, but the recommendation is to go for 0, 0, +1. This means that saturation has been cranked up a bit. If you prefer the picture a tad sharper you could use +1, 0, +1. One of the previous episodes covers the style setting menu in details.

Color: Mavic has a big selection of color profiles that can be used for different purposes depending on what you want to do with the footage. If you are planning to do any post color grading you want to select a format like Dlog, D-Cinelike that leaves the image flat but preserves as much information as possible. If you want to use the footage right out of the camera you want to select profiles like TrueColor, Emili or Poles that adds a certain mood the picture.

Again this topic has been covered in a separate tutorial where you can see how each color profile looks when it’s rendered to a final video (see above).

The third tab

The last tab is the general settings: Some of the options under settings are for taking pictures, so I will only highlight the ones I find useful for shooting video.

Histogram: With the histogram enabled you will have a small chart in your viewfinder. The histogram is a visual indication of the exposure of the shot. You want to make sure the chart stays within the frame. This is to prevent the shot for not being over or underexposed.

Overexposure Warning: With this option enabled you to have Tiger stripes in areas of your frame that is overexposed. This is helpful when you are outside in the sun where that screen is hard to see. You need to increase the shutter speed on the dial on the right side to compensate or add an ND filter.

File index mode: If you shoot a lot of videos, selecting file index mode to continuous is preferred as every filename will be unique. In this way, you will not overwrite any of precious footage.

Grid: With this option, you can enable a grid of your preference. I think it’s not needed as there is enough going on on the screen as it is, but that a personal preference.


Pro Tip

As promised in the beginning I will round off this tutorial with a Pro Tip that will make sure you keep the object or the horizon in focus. This function is called peak threshold focus, and it will basically draw red lines around the object or area that is in focus. This makes it very easy to see what is in focus even in bright sunlight. It’s not pretty, but don’t worry it will not be recorded on the final footage.

Now you should be ready to shoot some great footage.


Mavic Pro best camera settings




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BEST Mavic Pro Camera Style Settings

When I first saw the Mavic Pro camera style settings it was pretty confusing. Especially the Mavic Pro style settings gave me a lot headache. Getting the style settings this right is important for the final result of your video.




BEST Mavic Pro Camera Style Settings

The answer to what settings is right for you depends if you plan to use the footage directly from the camera or spend time post processing. Welcome to the series of basic tips to record smoother and better-looking video with your Mavic Pro. We are uploading drone and ewheel related material to help you get the best out of your equipment. So if you are new to this channel make sure to subscribe so you do not miss out on anything.

The Mavic Pro style settings menu in the camera app consist of 3 parts the individually can be set from – 3 to +3 where a higher value means more.

The first one is Digital Sharpness.

If you are using digital sharpness, you can make your footage look sharper, but this has to used with caution as it does not look natural if it’s over exaggerated

The second one is Contrast.

With higher contrast values you are making the blacks darker and the whites brighter. It the other way around if you decrease the value.

The last one is Saturation

Saturation is how saturated the colors are in the picture. If the value is low, the colors will look flat and uninspiring. With a higher value colors tend to pop a lot more.

So the big question is what is the right settings for you? If sharpness, contrast, and saturation are turned down they can always be added at a later stage in post-production. I would go for something like -1, -3, -3 to preserve as much information as I can in the picture. This would be my preferred settings as I always post process my videos.

But not everybody wants to that and just want something that looks good right out of the drone. for that, a more neutral setting would be preferred, and maybe even with the saturation bumped up a little bit. A good starting point could be 0, 0, +1 and start adjusting it from here. I can’t give you the exact setting as this depends on taste, so you have to shoot some test footage and evaluate the result to see if it needs minor adjustments.



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Father’s Day 2017 What To Do?

Father’s Day 2017 What To Do? This is what we did.

Today’s we’re blog is from a Father’s Day 2017 event. We are celebrating fathers day in Technical Museum Elsinore. We have our own spot at Technical Museum, where we are going to display Electric Unicycles.

This Father’s Day 2017 event that is visited by over 5,000 people, coming to see all sorts of technical gadgets. This place is a must if you visit Denmark, Elsinore and you technical interested. An ideal place to spend the day together on Father’s Day.



More info about Technical Museum or also known as Danish Museum of Science & Technology:

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We had a really fun Father’s Day 2017 where we introduced electric unicycles to a lot of fathers, sons and some mothers. We had brought five Inmotion V3PRO wheels for everybody to try out. There was a lot of activity going on during the day and it was pretty fun to see how people are trying this out and they’re really trying to gain the balance.  Because the good part is that these Inmotion V3PRO are dual wheel setup, so they are pretty easy to learn to ride.

We had a successful fathers day event after the final call.  We had a lot of great visitors is trying our electric unicycle.  We’re definitely coming back here next year





In the Vlog series, we are documenting our work promoting Electric Unicycles to the Public. We are participating with and EUC Denmark in various events or simply just hanging out doing som casual wheeling.

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Sean Ozz – BEST moments from a Drone Pilot – Featured Guest

Welcome to this series of featured guests on Drones & Electric Unicycles. There is so much great drone footage out there that deserves attention. So we have decided to handpick some great drone pilots and feature some of their best work here on this channel. This week’s guest is Sean Ozz – Tattoos, Drones, FX Art, How To’s and Product Reviews.


From Sean Ozz about section

I will be bringing you LOTS of drone footage and personal reviews of different RC ariel drones/quads on the market. I’m flying all over the nation but I am based in Texas and do most of my flying in Austin and Houston. I frequent Colorado and bring my camera drone on all my road trips ready to snag video for you! This section of my channel will be growing rapidly so subscribe to stay up to date.

I am an award winning airbrush artist and will be bringing more instructional videos as well as just speed art videos where you can ask me anything about what I did or the gear I used and I will do my best to get you those answers.

In my free time, i also do special FX make up. I like show how to videos using easy to get items and mix in my airbrush skills on the projects so hopefully others can repeat the steps for their own enjoyment.

I am an international multi-award winning tattoo artist and will be showing some art here.

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